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2024 Inductees

The board of directors is extremely proud of those who have been inducted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame. Individually and collectively, they have made and continue to make significant contributions to the advancement of engineering and technology.

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Opinion | Labor Day is a tribute to those who manufacture, build and grow

Maury D. Gaston | Alabama Political Reporter

When many of us were growing up, Labor Day was the traditional end of summer, and we started back to school the next day. Back in those less-hectic days, political campaigns did not begin until Labor Day. Since then, many things have changed, including a much earlier start-to-school date and year-round campaigning.


Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame History

Founded in 1987 by proclamation of the governor, and in recognition of the sesquicentennial of formal engineering education in the state of Alabama, the Engineering Hall of Fame honors, preserves, and perpetuates the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of individuals, projects, and corporations/institutions that have brought and continue to bring significant recognition to the State of Alabama.

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