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Opinion | Labor Day is a tribute to those who manufacture, build and grow

When many of us were growing up, Labor Day was the traditional end of summer, and we started back to school the next day. Back in those less-hectic days, political campaigns did not begin until Labor Day. I recall President Reagan kicking off his 1980 campaign on Labor Day with the Statue of Liberty behind him and Nancy beside him. Since then, many things have changed, including a much earlier start-to-school date and year-round campaigning.

Alabama Success Story – State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame (AEHOF)

The 200-year history of Alabama has been woven around the profession of engineering. Indeed, the magnificence of landing a man on the moon and placing a research laboratory into earth orbit are examples of how engineers worked in Alabama’s Rocket City to achieve these objectives. The Saturn V rocket, the Hubble Telescope, and the Space Shuttle are examples of projects touched by
Alabama’s engineers. The Artemis Project continues that tradition, and the internationally recognized Davidson Center, host of NASA’s Space Camp, brings the world to Alabama while introducing students to STEM disciplines important in the education of future engineers.

Recognizing Our Engineers

This is Engineers’ Week, a week during which we honor the profession of engineering and the contributions of engineers to public safety and quality of life. Whether it’s clean water you drink; gas and electricity you use to keep warm in winter and cool in summer; medical advances that add to your quality of life; or fast, safe and efficient transportation, the contributions of engineers are literally everywhere and benefit everyone.